Any camera up to about 2.5kg can be used on PIXIO because it has a standard 1/4’ screw.

But it’s much better to use one of the supported models for the automatic zoom and the remote control of the record from the watch, or from the free smartphone/tablet app. The list of supported models is updated regularly here, they are mainly Sony and Canon cameras.

A few models easy to find this year: The CX450/CX455 is a ‘middle of the road’ model. The CX625/CX675/PJ675 is also a ‘middle of the road’ model, with an improved image quality and a better steady shot. People who want to do professional edits prefer the AX53. The AX53 is also better in low lights. People who want to have a low cost model prefer the CX240 or CX405. Be careful that the CX240 and the CX405 battery cannot be replaced by a bigger one, it’s lifetime is about 1h15 to 1h30. And the CX240 and CX405 objectives do not have a thread so it’s not compatible with rain capes. All those camera models have a very good image quality, much better than a smartphone, even 4K smartphones.

Note that Panasonic, JVC, and some other camcorders don’t have any plug to control their zoom and their record. They can be used on PIXIO, but without the auto-zoom and without the remote control of the record.

DSLRs don’t have any plug to control their zoom, they are not supported by PIXIO but can be mounted on it.

Upload the file corresponding to your camera model, for the zoom control and the record control. As explained in the User Manual, just put the file on a micro-SD card, insert the card in the robot, and switch ON the robot. Wait 10 to 15 seconds, remove the card, put it again in the computer, check that the file has disappeared from the card.